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Parent Testimonials

We are writing this email to say a "Big Thank You" to you -Ms Robbie, Ms. Kiranjeet and all the teachers of GMS for all the effort, hard work and innovative ways being used to ensure our children learn and enjoy while learning.

We do appreciate that even during these difficult times, the entire staff of GMS has stood by us and our children. I am sure it's not easy for the teachers to find new and innovative ways to teach and ensure that learning happens through virtual means. It is definitely more than 100% effort, hardwork and time taken (even beyond school hours) to plan and prepare these interactive knowledge sessions.

I am sure all parents resonate with the way we feel and hence thank you once again for your leadership and guidence to ensure our children are given the best education even during these unusual times.

We love you all at GMS!

Warm regards


We highly appreciate the way online classes are being conducted for maths and are fully satisfied with it.
Thank you all for all the efforts out in by you.


We highly appreciate the way online classes are being conducted for SST and are fully satisfied with it. Thank you for all the efforts put in by you.​​​​​​​

Heartfelt words of appreciation.
I pen it down recalling how you all GMS family : Manager Ms. Robbie, Principal Ms. Kiranjeet, class teacher Ms. Smitha, all subject teachers, teaching and non- teaching staff have helped my child in moulding her to what she is and going to be. I feel you people have rocked my child in a cradle, which even we as parents might have failed to do at times. I say so, for the many times I have been called to the school for my child's acts only to be informed. But the management especially Ms. Robbie and Ms. Kiranjeet has graciously enlightened my child with warmth, love and guidance towards her misdeeds. This is definitely something we as parents will always be grateful and thankful for. The teachers who taught her over the years, were so good and loving and, the way they assessed each child and worked on their strengths rather than chastising them for their weaknesses is something no other school does.
I am pleased with the ethos of the School, which aspires to identify each child’s capabilities & provides an environment that enables all children to achieve their potential. The School is proactive in ensuring the overall development of the child.
The teachers were also very open to parental feedback and made sincere efforts to implement recommendations to the extent possible. Their focus on the child’s well-being rather than only academic performance is refreshing. The warm & loving bonds that are forged between Teachers, Students & Staff are heart-warming.
The family like atmosphere meant that students were not just another number and everyone knew each other. The school maintains strong safety standards and an impressive level of hygiene.
I would strongly recommend Green Meadows school for those seeking a quality education. The values, good manners and discipline that the school emphasizes are an added bonus. Most importantly my child was extremely happy during her time here and I am confident that the friendships that were built over the years will be lasting bonds.

Our child's self-confidence has increased tremendously and all in all, we can truly say that GMS has brought out the best in her, thus far. As parents, we were treated more like family and we still feel so welcome in the school.



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“We strive to empower our students with the academic and social skills necessary to become responsible, respectful and dignified citizens wherever they may choose to live, for after all, we are preparing them for life”.

- Green Meadows School


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