CBSE Affiliation No: 2830005 (valid upto 2024)
School Code: 31806

School Meal/Snacks

Week 1:

Monday: Rajma, Rice, Yogurt, Salad, Jelly & Ice-Cream

Tuesday: Pasta in Tomato sauce, Garlic Bread, Salad, Kheer

Wednesday: Rice, Chicken Curry, Yogurt, Salad, Mix Fruit

Thursday: Dal (Masoor), Chapati, Vegetable, Salad, Fruit

Friday**: Prawn Xacuti , Paav, Mix Fruit

Week 2:

Monday: Veg Noodles/Garlic/Butter Bread, Salad, Jelly & Ice cream 

Tuesday: Rice, Paneer, Salad, Kheer

Wednesday:  Chicken/ Veg Burgers, Salad, Mix Fruit

Thursday: Channa Masala, Puri, Salad, Fruit

Friday**: Rice, Fish Curry, Salad, Mix Fruit

Week 3:

Monday: Paav Bhaji, Fruit

Tuesday: Gobi Manchurian, Bread, Salad, Kheer

Wednesday: Green Peas Pulao, Chicken Cafreal, Salad, Mix fruit

Thursday: Plain Paratha, Dal, Bhaji/Salad, Yogurt

Friday**: Rice, Prawn Pulao, Fried Fish, Salad, Mix Fruit

Week 4:

Monday: Ross Paav, Salad, Jelly & Ice-cream  

Tuesday: Rice,Dal, Papad, Salad, Custard

Wednesday: Chicken / Veg Cafreal, Peas Pulao, Salad, Mix Fruit

Thursday: Idli, Sambhar, Chutney, Fruit

Friday**:  Fish in white sauce, Salad, Mix Fruit

The following items are included in the menu from time to time.

Chicken Mince & Pea Curry*
Wadda Paav*
Egg Curry/Rice *
Chicken Xacuti*

*Note: Menu maybe changed from time to time.
PLEASE NOTE: ** Fish on Friday subject to change, during monsoons.

School Lunch

At GMS we believe in providing students with a well balanced and healthy lunch. Food is freshly prepared under hygienic conditions on the premises. The menu is varied with both Indian and continental food to reflect the varied backgrounds of our students. We operate a vegetarian policy except for Wednesday and Fridays when meat and fish is available together with a vegetarian option. This Policy of Non- Veg only on Wednesday and Friday is applicable for home packed Lunch. 

From standard I to IV it is mandatory for all children to eat the lunch provided by the school. In this way we hope to ensure that the children get at least one nutritious meal a day. From standard V upwards children have the option of bringing in a packed lunch from home.

Mid-Morning Snack

Parents are required to provide their child with a snack for the mid morning break. We are constantly reminding children and parents of the need to ensure the snack is healthy and includes at least some fruit. Strictly no chocolates or carbonated drinks are allowed. We also ask parents to refrain from sending unhealthy food such as chips, biscuits and cakes. 

We suggest that all parents look at the lunch menu before packing their mid morning snack(Tiffin)


About Green Meadows School

“We strive to empower our students with the academic and social skills necessary to become responsible, respectful and dignified citizens wherever they may choose to live, for after all, we are preparing them for life”.

- Green Meadows School


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