CBSE Affiliation No: 2830005 (valid upto 2024)
School Code: 31806

House Teams

aAt Green Meadows School, we endeavour to continually teach the children about achieving as both an individual and within a team. Team spirit and the need to achieve fairly and responsibly features in the way the school is divided into 4 house teams each with their own captain and vice captain voted by the children. They are named aptly after precious gems Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz and Ruby and are awarded points for displaying responsible behaviour, empathising with their co-students, sharing and being helpful. Accordingly points are also deducted for misbehaviour, teaching the child that their actions have consequences for others. House teams have allocated house teachers to help guide the captains and vice captains and generally oversee the team.

Current House Teams:

Head Boy : Master Hubert Anil DSouza
Head Girl : Ms. Natalie Mathias


Captain: Miss Kiara Kumar
Vice-captain: Miss Sarah Mendes
Teacher in-charge: Ms. Lorraine Fernandes, Ms.Bhawna Arora, Ms.Geeta Kalangutkar, Ms. Manisha Naique, Ms. Merlyn Dias                                                               


Captain: Ms. Aalia Botelho
Vice-captain: Ms. Sienna Cardozo
Teacher in-charge: Ms. Sarita Singh, Sir Nagappa Lamani, Ms. Smita Hadfadkar, Ms.Elria Monteiro, Ms.Deepa Sharma


Captain: Master Joshua Snedden Fernandes
Vice-captain: Master Ishaan Dalvi
Teacher in-charge: Ms. Audrey D' Mello, Ms.Meerabai Lamani, Ms. Simran Naik, Ms.Melanie Alphonso, Ms. Shilpa Nasnolkar


Captain: Ms. Sera Ann Marie Gomes
Vice-captain:  Miss Tania Fernandes
Teacher in-charge:Ms.Dakshayani Ganipisetty, Ms. Jennifer Dsouza, Ms Sarita Gonsalves, Ms. Christeenah Albert,Ms.Diana Dcosta  


About Green Meadows School

“We strive to empower our students with the academic and social skills necessary to become responsible, respectful and dignified citizens wherever they may choose to live, for after all, we are preparing them for life”.

- Green Meadows School


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